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free Cow Cursors downloads

Posted by admin on 2011-12-10 15:41 Published / Views Click

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free Cow Cursors downloads
by ~HoppityandBee

HEEEEYYYY!!!! If anyone has suggestions for other cursors, such as handwriting, horizontal resize, etc., pleeeaaaase leave a message at [link] so I can make more. Don't worry, I'll give credit for any ideas I use.

Well, these almost hit 300 downloads on [link] at , so it quickly became my dream to spread cow cursors across the land. So long as kanga doesn't object. ^__^

EDIT: Weird things happened, and somehow, these were infected with a trojan, even though I posted this file at ~HoppityandBee before said trojan was created. >_< Anyway, I redid them all, so hopefully there's no more problem. There's also 2 new ones from the old set, since I'm slooowly making it a complete set. :3

EDIT 2: I think I nailed the problem: when I was zipping the files, winRAR's compression screwed them up just enough so they'd still work, but fool virus software into thinking it was malicious code. <_< I knew it didn't make sense to have a virus created 7 days after I uploaded them... Anyway. They are aaaall better now, since I selected the non-compression technique. :3

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