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SP: Kyle Cursor Set

Posted by admin on 2011-04-11 17:26 Published / Views Click

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I'm just gonna put this up really quick before I go back to studying!

Set of cursors for your computah for anybody that wants to use it!

This is Kyle Broflovski from South Park and the base image is 's icon (as you can tell from her icon).

The set includes a cursor for everything, so don't worry. The picture just shows the 4 main ones.

So anyways -- Enjoy!

If you're using Windows XP:
- go to Control Panel > Hardware > Mouse > Pointers
- Make sure you saved your files in one place that you won't delete
- Double click on a pointer and a window will pop up
- Find the pointer icon that you want to make your new pointer (for that type of pointer: Ex. Normal Select, Help Select, etc.) and double click it or hit OK or whatever
- Repeat this for all the pointers on the Mouse window
- At the top, save it as a Scheme (Save as... > Name it here) and then it'll be a Scheme that you can open whenever you want (You don't have to do this, but I like to)
- hit OK and your cursor should be changed!!

If you're using Vista:
- right click on the desktop
- Appearances and Settings (Or Properties? Or something?)
- A window will pop up, click on Mouse.
- Do the same thing as described above!

Tools: RealWorld Cursor Editor
Kyle Brof (c) Matt n' Trey
base image (c) ~emixoO
The picture: [link]

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