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Poke Cursors for windows free download

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Poke Cursors for windows free download
size: 5 kb
Author: Lktronikamui
Author’s Notes
I did these as an experiment (oh god, every thing i do is part of an experiment,
one day i'm going to end with the cure for cancer XD).
I did them for my personal use, but other people may find them nice or something,
so i'm uploading them.
The absol sprites are from gifs made by
Sleepy Absol
Absol walking animation
I took the Mew and the Eevee ones from the Mistery Dungeon Red
If you like them, leave a comment. :3
Probably i'm going to do more, but just let you know that i can't make legendary
pokemons because their sprites are bigger than the 32x32 resolution of a cursor

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