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Finn the Human FOR mouse cursors

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Finn the Human FOR mouse cursors

"Adventure clown" or "Adventure Time" (Adventure Time, English original titled Adventure Time with Finn and Jake) is an American television animation, from Pendleton · Howard (Pendleton Ward) creation, commissioned by Frederator Studios cartoon channel system broadcast. Was originally based on the same production company as experimental animated series Nickelodeon children's channels Random! Cartoons produced short films, after winning the Best Animated Short Film in 2009 Annie Awards, and after the movie caused an enthusiastic response from the network, Cartoon Network and was selected the development of a full-length animated series, on March 11, 2010 in the U.S. pilot, and in April 5, 2010 premiere. 
Works describe two good friends - human adolescent boy Finn (Finn, Taiwan translated Bao) and has a magical old dog Jake (Jack, Taiwan translated old skin) in the Land of Ooo (Taiwan translation wow game Fam, literal ooo Oh mainland) adventure.

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