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Arkanus cursors for windows mouse

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Tag: Arkanus
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Arkanus cursors for windows mouse

This is a cursorfx set, from 2005,  that I've converted and modified for visual and optimal performance. As always, I've included extra/bonus cursors for user enjoyment. Mix & match and complement any theme of wallpaper, sounds & icons.
Arkanusby jalentorn
Very easy to use: Download zip file and extract contents. Move extracted folder to OS (system disc path)>windows>cursors. Open mouse settings, click pointers, click on cursor and browse folder, click on corresponding cursor and repeat for each cursor. When all cursors are selected, click apply and then 'save as' and name as Arkanus scheme. Done. Pick and choose as often as you like to find what works for you and have fun!
*Again, I intentionally held back the auto-install to allow creative license to the user in selection application. Explicit instructions are enclosed. In order to fully use and enjoy bonus cursors, you must be able to change them manually. It's so easy, like riding a bike. You do it once, and you'll never use an install file again!!
**As with most cursors, they are much, much sharper than the preview image. 
Have Fun & Enjoy!

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