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USA Trump Mouse Cursors

Posted by admin on 2017-05-16 11:22 Published / Views Click

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Yes, a Trump cursor set. Explanation:
"Normal select" is obviously Trump. Left-hand version included.
"Help Select" is Melania because she's probably helpful someplace, while Ivanka works in the background.
"Busy" shows an American flag waving animation.
"Handwrite" pen is the MOAB! (Mother Of All Bombs).
The ISIS flag is "Unavailable", because as you can see, a mushroom cloud is exploding in front of it.
Resizers are the "Stronger" & "Unstumpable" memes, if only to throw some color & maybe some humor
around. At higher DPI, you can actually read them.
Your "Alternate" is V.P. Pence.
"Move" is a variation of the Presidential Seal for no determinable reason.
All static cursors are 32+48px so they won't distort at higher display settings.
Suggestions welcome!

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