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ClearLooks for Windows XP themes

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ClearLooks for Windows XP

A port of the Linux theme ClearLooks for Windows XP. Credits go to whoever created the orginal.
This theme is released under the GPL license so feel free to do with it whatever you like.

Revision History:
Version 2.2
- Dropped Franklin Gothic Medium font in favour of Calibri
- Fixed a tiny bug in the Ubuntu Human colorscheme

Version 2.1
- Fixed a tiny bug in the Ubuntu Human colorscheme

Version 2.0
- Added Ubuntu Human colorscheme
- Fixed a couple of small bugs

Version 1.6
- Back to the old systemtray, I liked that better
- Removed Arial font and replaced it for Segoe UI
- Added updated Y'z Toolbar themes. Renamed to Gnome and in both green and blue
- Added xFree cursorset (it is a theme by Jakub Steiner, I ported it to a Windows cursorset)

Version 1.5
- Fixed a problem in the systemtray
- Fixed a problem with spin buttons

Version 1.4
- Fixed a but in the tabs which occured in Opera
- Changed spinbuttons
- Changed systemtray

Version 1.3
- Fixed a problem in the startmenu
- Added a slight stripe to the captionbar

Version 1.2
- Fixed the black toolpallete captions in Macromedia products

Version 1.1
- Fixed a mistake in the shellstyle

Version 1.0
- Initial release

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