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VISTA for XP themes download

Posted by admin on 2010-06-23 21:29 Published / Views Click

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Hey friends!!

This is the closest I have got on my XP that resembles VISTA...without actually using Windowblinds.

Here I am using:
1. VistaVG visual style by Vishal Gupta (With modified shell): original VS [link]
2. Y'Z Toolbar using VistaXP theme by KOL.
3. True Transparency for transparent toolbars.
4. Vista Drives.
5. Icon Packager theme by Ductien: [link]
6. Modified Shell: [link]

In this pack I have included the TrueTransparency software (It can be used with any Windows XP visual style including XP's default LUNA, it consumes the least RAM), Y'Z Toolbar with the VistaXP Theme and Vista Drives.

Tested on:
PIV 1.7 GHZ,
Onboard S3 Graphics (It Really Sux!!).

Please let me know if I need to take someone's permission if I have accidently broken some rules.

Hope you all like this!!

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