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Luna Element 5.0.5 themes for windows xp

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free Luna Element 5.0.5 themes for windows xp download
by ~tornado5
Luna Element 5, is a Windows XP visual style and is based on the default theme Luna. A few parts are still in original design so I can't take credit for everything. This theme is also based a little on an early version of the Windows Vista GUI. It's a nice combination of old and new in my opinion.

Run the installer and if you have patched uxtheme.dll you can now change theme under Display Properties > Appearance > Windows and Buttons. Compact Startmenu option is found in the Fontsize menu.

This VS includes 4 styles:
* Blue
* Blue Compact
* Black
* Black Compact

Last Updated: 2006-02-24
Latest Version: 5.0.5

Changes In 5.0.5:
* Slightly different startbutton.

Before reporting any bugs try and think of and explaination why the bug occurs and don't assume immediately it's a VS problem. Here are 2 "bugs" I know of:
* Black text background for checkboxes in some applications. (Application bug)
* In Firefox the scrollbar glyph doesn't change color on hover. (Firefox bug)

Mods and application skins...
Sure, no need to contact me about it. A link to my DeviantArt page is appreciated.

Wallpaper available here: [link]

Don't forget to let me know what you think This theme is concidered finieshed, so if you don't like it, don't use it.

If you want you can support my work by donating. Visit this link: [link]

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