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Horizon Vista for windows xp themes

Posted by admin on 2011-06-07 23:34 Published / Views Click

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Horizon Vista for windows xp themes
ok so ive been making this theme for a while and i do not know if it is all there(in the file) but most of it is

Things you need, just search these on this site
Radium Vista Pack,

for this to work right please find and install the radium vista pack first. If you need help finding it ask me. After you install radium, restart your computer, then install SETUP(Horizon Vista)

*install all of the files in the Horizon Vista folder after you install SETUP(Horizon Vista), the files go directly to the correct folder but they do not install themselfs. the Horizon sound extracts to the media folder in windows use your SOUND settings to replace.

the styler is in your program files. just launch it and use the "new folder" theme in Toolbars

if you need help im here

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