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Download 'Flow' Wallpapers for Apple Mac

Posted by admin on 2023-08-12 18:25 Published / Views Click

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Wallpapers Overview:

Download 'Flow' Wallpapers for Apple Mac

The Flow wallpapers collection from Basic Apple Guy first featured in his wire free desk setup. And in photos it is clearly visible that wire free setup combined with cool wallpaper is just amazing.
The source mentioned that these wallpapers are AI-generated, specifically by Midjourney. Furthermore, the source has optimized the wallpaper for Mac, iPad, and iPhone. Although these wallpapers are tailored for Apple devices, they can also be used on other devices if desired.


iPhone – JPG | 546KB | 1290 × 2796 (Download)
iPad – PNG | 9.06MB | 2732 × 2732 (Download)
Mac – HEIC | 11.7MB | 6016 × 3889 (Download)



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