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Iveige OSX Cursors Mod for Windows

Posted by admin on 2017-06-26 20:49 Published / Views Click

Tag: OSX Iveige
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I wasn't sure whether to call this mod Ivory or Beige so I went with Iveige. It's a lighter rebuttal to the B&W mod for lighter themes. The set called El Crapitan (poop cursor) is included, something I made for myself in a moment of weakness lol. I was bored! Anyway, last mod I'm doing of the OSX-ported cursor.
Unzip the pack and find the file: Install.inf...
1. Right click on "Install.inf" and select Install.
2. Go to Control Panel -> Appearance -> Mouse Pointers
3. Choose "Iveige Capitan" or "El Crapitan" as your cursors.
Double-check your specific Windows OS version for detailed info on how to change your cursors.

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