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Vista AuthUI Plus Final

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Vista Authui.dll Installer

Modified position text message Height... Now amount is increased previously stated the sporting activities car...
Much Better...

Tip: I altered 36rp to 136rp... See Below

Atom (Status)
layout="flowlayout(0,0,2,2)" minsize="size(90rp,136rp)

Sports Car3 red-colored wall picture "Vista Ultimate3.logonvista"
Sports Car4 azure wall picture "Vista Ultimate4.logonvista"
Bentley wall picture "Vista Ultimate5.logonvista"

Updated wall picture history on Bentley
using Adobe Photoshop CS5

You Can straight down place the brand-new Photoshop CS5 from my Appz assortment web site [link]
Example participant Of 5 New attributes also on specific same page.

Included Vista Ultimate personalisation specific same As In Preview

Key Words... UserListT ButtonFrame Minsize

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