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Garden Dahlia 1280x800 wallpapers pack

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Garden Dahlia 1280x800 wallpapers pack
the pack have 12 Wallpapers.

Dahlia also known as Dahlia, dahlia, sweet potato flower, Dahlia, passion and foreign Ju Ju is a perennial herb. From the flower of view, there dahlia daisy, lotus-shaped, peony form, such as crab claw-shaped flowers appear handless winecup small diameter port size, the large more than 30 cm. Their color, not only red, yellow, orange, purple, pink and white color, there are many more brilliant colors.
Dahlia petals Double and single lobe. Double the Dahlia, a kind of one thousand flowers, trimmed with white petals in the red stripe, like agate, flirtatious extraordinary; the single lobe of the variety "Red Century", petals, though small, it seems simple and plain, do not have a taste.
Double the Dahlia elegant, magnificent, and indeed comparable with the peony, it is also named "Dahlia." But, after all, with peony flowers of different structure. Peony flowers with large clusters of flower heart, and Dahlia flowers, can not be called "Duo", can only be called "baskets", "faceplate." Because it is made of many florets arranged. These flowers are large flowers in the "petals", and they will have with the open strong after another. This daisy with exactly the same as its cousin, is a composite plant of the main features.

Dahlia is the national flower of Mexico, Jilin Province, flower, flower of Zhangjiakou City, Hebei Province, a symbol of the colorful dahlias generous, rich and beautiful throughout the year. Today, it's footprints have been all over the world, became a frequent visitor in the garden, world famous ornamental flowers. Aoshuang chrysanthemum in full bloom, and Dahlia is different between spring and summer flowering after another, over-summering again after flowering, when frost withers. It's just like that Exquisite peony flower is similar to the color colorful, lovingly.
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