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Crysis 2 for 1280x800 HD wallpapers

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"Crysis 2" is the sequel of "Crysis" game produced by mining CryENGINE 3 engine, and the second generation will break the generation of PC exclusive, will visit the host platform. Like a natural to consider how to achieve the PC version of the picture not only not diminished, and better than before and better, but also both the host platform can be implemented, it is necessary thanks to the powerful features of CryENGINE 3 gave it to you, Crytek promises they can do this point. "Crysis 2" game content generation, there are great changes have already turned to the public from a secret jungle warfare, large-scale war of the present city. The story takes place in 2023 after three years from the generation. Aliens on Earth, a large area to provoke a war, major cities are under attack, the population dropped, the players will have to defend the Earth Armageddon.

The wallpaper pack have 10 wallpapers. size: 2.58 mb, i hope you like it.
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