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Happy Easter Day for 1024x768 wallpapers

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Happy Easter Day wallpapers for 1024x768 wallpapers pack (6 wallpapers)

Easter commemorates the resurrection of Jesus is the most important Christian holiday. According to the Bible, God's son Jesus was born in a manger, when he was three years old when twelve students selected to begin missionary work. Three and a half, he was healing, preaching, casting out demons, to help all kinds of people in need, the truth that people listen to the kingdom of heaven. Until the time arranged by God to Jesus Christ by his disciples, Judas, be arrested, interrogated by the Roman soldiers crucified, died three days ago, predicted that will rise again. Sure enough, the third day, Jesus is risen! According to the interpretation of the Bible, Jesus Christ is the incarnate Son to the world to ransom for the sin of the world, to become the scapegoat, which is why Easter is so important. Although Jesus was crucified like a criminal, he died not because he was guilty, but according to God's plan for world redemption. Now he is risen from the dead, said he successfully for our sin. Anyone trust him, to his plea, God can be forgiven. The resurrection of Jesus, on behalf of him more than death, so those who trust in him, have eternal life, that can always be with Jesus. Because, Jesus is still alive, so he could hear our prayer to him, would watch over our daily lives, give strength to us so every day is filled with hope. He is still alive, every day with us.

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