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The Twilight Saga: Eclipse 1680x1050 wallpaper pack

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The Twilight Saga: Eclipse 1680x1050 wallpaper pack
The pack includes 5 wallpapers

"The Twilight Saga: Eclipse" movie Aspect:

Although the "Twilight: New Moon," the word of mouth show polarization, but did not stop this series a strong box office appeal. Part III of the release has long been an eye-thing. Back in early November 2008, Summit Entertainment announced that they bought "Twilight" series, "New Moon", "Eclipse" and "dawn" in the film adaptation rights. In February 2009, confirmed the third series of the official entry shot. As for director candidates, will once again changed hands. Series Part II director as busy, "New Moon" and post-production, had to give up the opportunity of directing a third. "America's Sweethearts," Drew Barrymore has also been a director candidate.

Eventually, the British director David Slade took over the director's baton. The producers to find Slade, also because the department will be more dark than in the previous two. Directed "Hard Candy" and the "30 most nights," the Slade, even if the director can not be called hundreds of millions at the box office, but its distinctive character and a black style, quickly won praise in the circle. Can be considered a popular personality in his idol Ailunpeiji works exposes the Tau Kok, foot off the game addiction. Vampire theme is not unfamiliar for Slade, early in 2007, he shot over under the comic adaptation of "30 most nights." Abnormal depressed the entire film, dark and violent. Not difficult to see interest in his subject matter is far from vampires to shoot a film for less. Earlier, he had also issued a statement, said they did not like the "Twilight" this series. However, filming took over, he immediately clarified that this statement was just for a "joke." For the "eclipse" of the shooting, Slade put full enthusiasm. In February of this year, he could not conceal his excitement, said the film production schedule: "is (the film) crazy trim, has been gradually forming, and we are working to add more scenes with Edward!" May be due to many fans protest, second in Edward's role will be too few to peak entertainment in the "eclipse" more cautious during the production. They worked the first series of the work of Nancy Richardson, replaced the then editor Ateqiongsi. Apparently, they think that Slade is called "very good" clip version, need further refinement. Summit Entertainment for Richardson's work more confidence, they think she "better understanding of the character in, and can balance the action sequences and the weight of emotional drama."

As the first two of the screenplay, Melissa Rosenberg will continue to play in the film, her outstanding performance. In addition, the new film, the role of replacement is very striking. Hollywood actress Bryce Dallas Howard, will take over the corner of Victoria  star in vampire villain. Attributed this change in the peak travel conflict actor. Li Feifu response to this decision is "shocked" and "deeply saddened." To be sure, in the new film, will significantly increase Victoria's role will become one of the major villains. Incidentally, the film plays Jackson Lasiboen Gaspar, Blaise is the number one fan. "Silent Hill" and starring - Zhu Di Feilan child star will join the new movie lineup.

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