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Predators for 1280x900 wallpapers pack

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Predators for 1280x900 wallpapers pack
The pack includes 11 wallpapers

The film is a series of third Predator launched. Producer, Robert Rodriguez, said the reason for taking such a name, is subject to the "Alien 2" inspired. At that time, "Alien" sequel on the simple name of the first are followed by a "S", both done with the first distinction, it implies that there will be more than a shaped appearance. Rodriguez in "Predator" added after the name of an "S", also has a double meaning - "(Predators, literally translated as hunters) It refers to the film's aliens, but also refer to group operations human. " The implication is that Rodriguez, who the winner really is not it.

Back in 1994, Rodriguez wrote a "new Predator," the script to Twentieth Century Fox review. At that time, he was shooting "murder trilogy", although the B-class has moved from an unknown film director, director of small famous personality, but still not too well known. Pictures read the script, Rodriguez rejected the request, the reason given is the cost too high. About 15 years later, Rodriguez's status is different from the past, before the market also different. Fox go back, decided to support him shooting the film. "This is already a very early script to do. They, in 1994, I was waiting for shooting" murder trilogy "of the time, hired me to write this script. Was a series of events are related to mad. Until 6 months ago, they dug out the script, then give me a call: 'Hey, we want to start doing the story, pulls out your script. This is what we want! we want to continue to do so. 'After that we are doing now. "In 2009, Twentieth Century Fox executive Alex Young, the direct negotiations with Rodriguez, hoping to resume filming this series. However, Rodriguez is in his "troublemaker studios" started shooting, which earned him more control over the film. Originally, he also personally directed, but to the same year on July 1, NM Luo Dean Rosenthal has been finalized for the director candidates. Rodriguez and Antal has always stressed that the film only as "Predator" 1 and "Predator" sequel 2, strongly and the "Alien vs Predator" stay out of it. Antal this explanation is that he hopes the film closer to the original feeling, "Alien vs Predator" will be shaped too Predator "comics," the.

Anyway, at least, "Predator" fans will see closer to the original film, no longer as "Alien vs Predator" as the adaptation of the Dadongganhuo.

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