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Going the Distance 1280x1024 wallpapers windows vista

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Going the Distance 1280x1024 wallpapers windows vista
"Distance is the enemy of love", and many other places love has stood the men and women who have such feelings, "The River, You live at the end of the Yangtze River. Day after day Do not you think Jun and drink from the Yangtze River water" mood often seems more bitter, not vision. In this "long-distance love" is full of controversy, but the story of great quality, to shift to other places to bring our love for another thought. Mobile, MSN, e-mail, appears to modern technology to break barriers of distance communication brought. But as the movie started, the two need each other's laughter in the face then bangs produced chemical reactions generally, with the passage of time, this sense of distance seems longer and longer, eventually embarrassing the two substituted situation. However, the film is a comedy, after all, first of all, love of the beautiful, remote in the anxious, bitter divide and unite our will to live outside a knowing smile. Even if you are suffering from different places of torture in love, and perhaps saw the film, also because the details of the kind of joy, feel the sweet and self-deprecating to a resonance. So, let us first relax, to feel both the love story drama, you know, this love has Me and walked outside the movies inside.

In the film, America's Sweethearts Drew - Barrymore will experience a remote and romantic love, entangled in an acclaimed director tried the "Roller Girls" (2009), she returned to her favorite Comedy actor to play the role again. Spoke and presented a directorial debut in after the actor returned to the role, she was a little frank talk about the changing role of adaptation, "return to the actor's position, I feel really quite hard, but I have to say, I and my directors are very happy. I am willing to do so, because I love making comedies. For me, let me become a serious guy, leads a master of the dry film, this is too crap up. No! I want to film comedy, I always want to film comedy, I'm so in love with comedy. "Barrymore appears on the comedy does have a genuine love, but it is a performance film lover distress, for this topic interpretation, she also has its own views, "I know the bitter distance relationship, but it is also good, because we can incorporated into the more personal feelings into." Drew - Barrymore how to love in this remote, the performance of its joy, and displays it a bit upsetting, how will it leave us with a concept of distance relationship, this is undoubtedly exciting.

Drew - Barrymore brightest stars seem easy for us to overlook the other side of this long distance relationship, that let people play the Barrymore love: Justin Timberlake - Long. Actor since 1999, just 10 years in television, movies, all-out areas, not only with the more mixed the audience had a Lianshu, their status in Hollywood has gradually risen. He's slightly shy, but also full of affinity, it is easy to leave a good impression, his group of movie film, "In fact, you do not know his heart" (2009) to play the bar owner to leave the audience in the final a good feeling. Participating in his film, the type of romantic comedy can be described as the most popular, and played a Drew - Barrymore chemical reaction can be described as youth home in the sun. Drew - Barrymore has praised him good, said the two men from the play is a kind of inside and outside the movies, "I love him, he loves me" happy feeling, a feeling indeed be extended to outside the movies from the game , the news is on the love of two recent popular Hollywood gossip media. No matter how the relationship between two people outside the movies, at least as good at love comedy actor partner, and interpretation of roles, it seems the audience could be assured.

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