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Danbo Danboard for windows xp 1440x900 wallpaper

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Danbo Danboard for windows xp 1440x900 wallpaper
The pack includes 15 wallpapers

Recently hooked Danbo, crazy collection of more than N Danbo pictures, see ah see ah so cute dead. . .
But most of the picture size is too small, not made of wallpaper, a pity ah ah depressing. . . .

Danbo Description:

A carton blank is cured systems were toys, A blank line from a Japanese comic cure "grasses", which is produced by the carton, and the eyes may shine, more ridiculous is that his energy turned out to be coins, you can When the piggy bank. A carton blank for all joints were flexible and freedom, round eyes and triangular mouth, always exposing innocent expression, people see the soft-hearted and, upon sale, the boom has triggered a mad gun.

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