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Lady GaGa 《Born This Way》1920x1200 desktop wallpapers

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Lady GaGa 《Born This Way》1920x1200 wallpapers ( 6 wallpapers )

Born in New York in GaGa1986 are Yonkers, parents for Italian. When the Sacred Heart called attended the Catholic schools, Paris Hilton (fashion beauties Hilton) and Caroline Kennedy were her alumni. In 2006, from New York university in Gaga was signed after quitting school, Interscope become composer. Once for britney, fergie's small cats, Arkansas, and other famous singer composition. When Gaga has simultaneously Akon found in front of strength, he sang to sign, Gaga ever since she started preparing its debut solo album. In 2008, Gaga released his debut solo album, The Fame of her own explain this album is "relevant let everyone can feel how famous."

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