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2010 Asian Games for 1440x900 wallpapers pack

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2010 Asian Games for 1440x900 windows wallpapers pack free download.
the pack have 10 Wallpapers.

Icon Creative Guangzhou 2010 Asian Games

Leaping flames, Smart and elegant, showing the power of life. Guangzhou Asian Games Sports icon of creative inspiration from the Asian Games torch. Logo design for soft smooth lines 56 outline the basic contours of sports, like bodybuilding body 56 has a "fire man", showing the movement of distinct characteristics and beauty of an elegant sport. "Burning Man" as a symbol of athletes round the flames, in the Asian Games on the big stage, burning passion and dream of life, overcame numerous obstacles and challenges movement limit. Sports icon design concept of fire continued, and the Asian Games emblem "Wuyang flame" against the background.

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