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free Black Luna V2 for windows xp themes

Posted by admin on 2012-08-13 16:43 Published / Views Click

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free Black Luna V2 for windows xp themes by 8The-Creator8
size: 142 kb

I thought since everyone liked my first visual style; black luna, that i should make a second version that was a bit more classy and sleek looking. So here it is. All comments for the better and for the worse are fine. Do not be critical about the creation of this theme as i know extremely well how this visual style came to life and i do not nieed critique about that. And yes it is based off luna and i do not need comments about that. But comments on how to make it better and other stuff is fine. I optimized the images so that it should run VERY fast as well. I did this by lowering the resolutions so if you are looking for a theme that will run quick this could be the one for you. It runs faster than microsoft's luna 

hope you like it.

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