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Aqua Mesa v2.0 themes for windows xp

Posted by admin on 2012-08-13 17:15 Published / Views Click

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Aqua Mesa v2.0 themes for windows xp by bernas69
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Friends, heres new version of my Aqua Mesa....

I started using "Black Mesa v2", by valkyre [link] , and I really loved it.
I think it's extremely well done, a very beautiful style.

Well, I'm also into Aqua styles and colors, so I thought it would be nice if Black Mesa could have some Aqua features. I enjoy Black Mesa's interface very much, so I decided not to modify its structure; I made a few changes only.

So, here is my "Aqua version" for the "Black Mesa v2", which I call "Aqua Mesa".

Basically, the changes are:

*v1.0 - What once was orange, now is Aqua colored;
*v1.0 - Progress bar and Start button have been modified.
*v1.0 - Windows default logoff and shutdown buttons.
**v2.0 - Fixed greyscale colors in start button win flag.
**v2.0 - +/- Icon in the left pane of Windows Explorer
**v2.0 - Tahoma 8

Credits also go for valkyre, naturally, the original creator. Thanks, buddy!

I hope you guys enjoy it!

Wallpaper: Titanium Silver Wallpaper Pack by ~JosephYang ([link])

+++ Is not a bug fix version, is another layout only.

If you like first version (v1.0) visit [link]

Thanx ALL, best regards!

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