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Adrenaline windows xp themes download

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Adrenaline for windows xp themes download

Updated 10/7/07 with fixes for IE7 on Vista. Navigation background is fixed, tabs have been fixed and I crammed in an animation for when a page loads as well. Minor adjustments here and there as well.

Updated fully for Vista and XP for WindowBlinds 6 with window and start menu blurring, a bunch of new Vista elements and of course a simple start menu animation overlay.

This is a full WB based on the skin I did for the PowerArchiver contest some time ago. Updated slightly of course.

This skin features toolbar icons, progress animations, animated throbbers, per pixel graphics and all the other WB goodies.

Also included is a compact start menu substyle and a Vista substyle.

The wallpaper used in the screenshot is my own, which you can find here: [link]


Updated to fix the gap between the quick launch icons, plus minor adjustments.

Updated to fix the fix in Vista, plus the more programs text color on mouseover in Vista.

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