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Penumbra 10 for win10 desktop theme

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Before proceeding, be aware that this is a Windows 10-only theme. If you’re reading this article trying to find themes for Windows 7 or 8, this won’t work for you.
It’s been designed to use neutral dark colors, so there won’t be any jarring contrasts or unpleasant colors anywhere on your screen.

The installation process is more complicated than the previous options. Before installing anything, make sure you’ve downloaded these three essential tools:
The UXThemePatcher from
The Ribbon Disabler from DeviantArt
The theme itself
To get the theme up and running, firstly install the Open Sans font (included in the theme download). Then install UXThemePatcher, and finally, Ribbon Disabler.
Next, disable the ribbon using Ribbon Disabler, then move the contents of the theme’s Visual Style folder to C:\Windows\Resources\Themes.
Lastly, select the theme in Theme Settings.
(You might need to reboot your computer before getting it to work.)
You can further customize this theme by changing the Taskbar’s color and opacity. The tool is available for download on the theme’s DeviantArt page.

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