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Zune Collection for Win7 themes

Posted by admin on 2010-06-19 15:41 Published / Views Click

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 I would like to present you my new visual style called Zune Collection
This is is totally inspired by the great Zune Player from Microsoft.
I decided to make this theme cause i really like the dark and white interface of Zune player and thought it would be nice to have a visual style that looks like Zune.

This time because the theme is in "Beta" you have to find the bugs of theme and once there are no major bugs to fix i'll update this deviation with the final version

Enough with the workd now, just download and ENJOY tha theme!

 Important Notices

Before you make any change on your system files make a backup first


 The theme works with
x86 Systems (make a back up before you do any system file replacing)
x64 Systems (make a back up before you do any system file replacing)

There are some other extras that aren't in the Preview like:
A cursor
More taskbar icons
BMP files of explorer.exe
Favorite Links Pane icons (black & white)

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