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free Simply Leaf - windows 7 themes download

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free Simply Leaf - windows 7 themes download

A Theme Compilation, with some things i customized, and some things i created from scratch.

Things i customized:
-Shine 2.0
-Aero Premium Cursors

- Modified Theme (Shine 2.0)
- Modified Start Orb (Switch)
- Modified Cursors (Aero Premium Cursors)
- Custom Wallpaper
- Custom Login
- Icons (iVista2)
- Custom Screensaver
- Full Tutorial.

-wwwliangxin (Switch 2.0, wich I Modified)
-zainadeel (Shine 2.0), wich I Modified)
-TWA (Aero Premium Cursors, wich I Modified)
-gakuseisean (iVista 2 Icons)
-Me, LeafVFX (Creating the rest, creating a tutorial, Modifying to fit the rest.)

Including all the Tools, except for Icon Packager, and Start orb Changer.

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