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Mac Lion skin modified for win7 theme

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free Mac Lion skin modified for win7 theme download

This is a Mac Lion OS theme for Windows 7 x86 (32 bit).
The .7z file has the skin LionInspirat.msstyles, explorerframe.dll (to change the "Next" and "Previous" explorer buttoms), the Apple start orb .png file, and the Kishan Bagaria start orb changer program to change the orb.

This visual style was not created by me, it was modified from David Pieron visual style version.


Notes: The file has no virus.

How to install the theme?

Copy these items: "Lion Inspirat.theme" and "Lion Inspirat" folder to C:\Windows\Resources\Themes. After that, you should see the theme on the personalization panel. Then Click on it!

How to change the "explorerframe.dll" and the orb?

1. You should disable de UAC (User Account Control), make a backup of the "explorerframe.dll" and "explorer.exe" files in a safe folder, the file is found here C:\Windows\System32.

2. Take Ownership of the "explorer.exe" and "explorerframe.dll" files (use Google to know how).
Rename the original "explorerframe.dll" file to "explorerframe2".dll (without commas), copy the skin's new "explorerframe.dll" file to C:\Windows\System32. Reboot your system.

3. Open the start orb changer and choose the Blackapple.png file.

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