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Aero Lite RTM Glass Theme for windows 7 download

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Aero Lite RTM Glass Theme for windows 7 download
size: 8.2 mb
Author: pc10282013
Author’s Notes
This is the RTM Glass Theme I've created using Vista Styler Builder and , It took me a long time, and I've spent so much time on it. Now it looks awesome! I have tried using the original Windows 8 msstyles, and there were some things that I had to modify (the Windows 8 Aero Lite msstyles has some png files that don't seem to be in the right place).

To install this theme, Extract folder, copy files to C: Windows folder, Resources folder, and Themes. You will need to patch the system using the Universal Theme Patcher. This is for Windows 7 Service Pack 1 (I'm not sure for Windows 7 with no service pack).

PS: Please see some of the MS Paint drawings I've made. One has IE chewing his webpage.

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