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Gray8 for best windows 7 themes

Posted by admin on 2013-05-14 01:13 Published / Views Click

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Ever since I made Gray8 people have been asking for as Windows 7 version
and since I was back on 7 briefly to make Mechanism,I figured I would
make this at the same time.
As windows 7 isn't as theme-able as windows 8 I had to lighten the background
so the black unchangeable-able text would still be readable,other than that
I think it is pretty much the same as the 8 version.

I included a couple of custom system files for the clock and wmp12.These
are for 64 bit systems only as I don't have a 32 bit w7 any more.

To change them take ownership of the originals and rename them
then paste the new custom ones in.

Same deal as always,your system must be patched to allow the use of 3rd party themes
and you will need Theme Resource Changer installed for the Start Orb,Control Panel image,etc

Hope you guys like it,it will probably be the last theme I post until
after the summer is over and the weather gets cold

Oh and the Rainmeter skin in the preview is one of mine
that you can get at CreativX [link]

And before someone asks the icons I use are Token by brsev [link]

by gsw953onDA     size: 7.1 mb

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